03/30/2017 09:58 EDT

How To Not Eff Up The Wedding Gift: Welcome To Adulthood

You scored the invitation. Here's what comes next.

It seems like these days you can't escape it... it's everywhere, and everyone is doing it.

"Escape what?" You're asking.


As you mind your own business, travelling along in this thing called life, all you want is to enjoy a few memes on your Facebook feed in peace.

But you can't. Because it seems like every time you sign on to social media, someone from your high school is getting engaged.

So prepare yourself, young adult — you may very well score a coveted invite to this union of love. Lucky you! And if this is the first wedding you'll be attending, then, boy oh boy, do we have you covered for how to not eff up that wedding gift.

In the video above, we have a real life adult guide you through the many rules for buying the perfect gift for your friend's perfect day.

Not into gifting a Vitamix? No worries. If you're more into dishing out the cold hard cash on wedding day, we lay out the amount you should be giving. But remember, the price points here depend on a variety of factors (did you meet the couple at a grocery story once upon a time and you have no idea why you were invited?) so you know what makes sense for you to gift.

So keep calm and wedding on, friends!

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