04/03/2017 04:28 EDT | Updated 04/03/2017 04:48 EDT

Nicola Di Iorio, Liberal MP, Apologizes For 'Very Inappropriate' Remark To Dianne Watts

The incident occurred on International Women's Day.

OTTAWA — Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio has apologized in the House of Commons for making what was described as "a suggestive and very inappropriate" comment during a committee meeting last month.

Di Iorio directed a stripper-related remark to British Columbia Conservative MP Dianne Watts.

The incident occurred on International Women's Day, March 8.

The Quebec Liberal says he is "profoundly sorry" for the comment.

He says he never meant to offend Watts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to look into the matter.

Di Iorio and Watts were at a closed meeting on the public safety committee when he heard a colourful ring tone on her cellphone and asked: "Where's your pole to slide down on?"

Watts said in a statement afterwards that the remark "left me, staff, and other members of Parliament feeling very uncomfortable."

On Monday, Di Iorio rose in the Commons to apologize.

"Today in this House I wish to reassure the member, once again, that none of my words sought to embarrass or offend her." he said.

'Moments of learning'

"Despite this, before all my colleagues here in the House of Commons I wish to reiterate my most sincere apology."

Watts thanked Di Iorio.

"I know that there have been times in all of our lives where we have done things we wish we hadn't, where we've said things that we wish we didn't and there have been times when we wished we could take back the words or the actions that have caused pain or hurt in others," she said.

"Moments like these are moments of opportunity, moments of teaching and moments of learning and if we can all learn lessons then we are well served."

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