04/03/2017 07:25 EDT | Updated 04/04/2017 04:57 EDT

Ontario Provincial Police Charge 12 Luxury Car Drivers With Stunting

Ontario Provincial Police seized 12 luxury cars and charged their owners with stunt driving on highway near Barrie on Sunday.

“We got reports from witnesses driving up the highways that they were being swarmed by these vehicles, taking up the lanes and really intimidating traffic on the highway," Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told CTV News.

The pricey cars included Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Mercedes.

One Lamborghini had a window decal that read: "Let me guess, license and registration?"

"That was probably one of the first questions we asked this driver," Schmidt said in a Twitter video of the impounded car.

Officers received multiple calls about a large group of cars driving erratically on Highway 400, and were able to block their path and reroute them to a nearby service centre, Global News reported.

The cars will be impounded for seven days and drivers received a week-long licence suspension, Schmidt tweeted.

"If you want to have that kind of driving experience, take it to the track," Schmidt said, in an interview with CBC News.

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