04/03/2017 12:49 EDT

Alabama Man Nearly Electrocuted By Necklace And Phone Charger

Wiley Day woke up to a near-electrocution late last month.

An Alabama man is lucky to be alive after a necklace he was wearing acted as a conductor for electricity from his iPhone charger and nearly shocked him to death.

Late last month, Wiley Day plugged in his phone to charge next to him in bed before he went to sleep. The next morning, he woke up to feel heat and an electric shock so strong that it knocked him out of bed.

"I could say it was probably the equivalent of being shot,"the Huntsville resident told

He told the site that his vision started to fade, his heart pounded and something felt tight around his neck.

Wiley Day was treated for second and third-degree burns after his dog-tag necklace became a conductor for the electricity from his iPhone charger. (Photo: Complex Media/Screenshot)

The dog-tag necklace he was wearing had caught on the prongs on his phone charger, which came loose from a connected extension cord.

He managed to rip the necklace off, he told The Washington Post. By that point, his adult niece, who told him he had been yelling "Jesus!", came running into the room.

The current burned a hole in his shirt, he said. Skin and flesh were missing from his neck, and the necklace’s pattern had been burned into his hands.

He was immediately admitted to hospital and treated for second- and third-degree burns.

The burns Day suffered on his neck. (Photo: Complex Media/Screenshot)

One doctor told WAAY 31 that Day is a lucky guy, saying that 100 volts of electricity can kill, and Day was hit with about 110 volts.

Telling The Washington Post that the shock was "the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience," Day wants to spread the word about the dangers of sleeping next to a charging phone.

He was scheduled to speak at Alabama A&M University last week about the experience.

"Charge your phone away from you," Day told WAAY 31. "Charge it the next day. It's not worth your life."