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Eyebrow Tutorial: How To Get The Best Shape And Style For Your Face

Brows on fleek forever.

Believe it or not, the way you shape, style, and fill your eyebrows has the ability to completely transform your face.

Ever notice how people with long faces tend to have short, flat brows while people with heart-shaped faces tend to go with more of a curve? That's because minor shape changes can help shorten, lengthen, or simply bring balance to the face.

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In the video above, makeup guru Natalie shows us how to get the perfect eyebrow whether you choose to use a pencil, powder, or just leave them au natural.

Once you've figured out the right shape for you, Natalie says you should start by brushing them out to expose gaps. Longer brow strands may even require a bit of a trim.

And for a finishing touch, there's nothing better than gel for a polished, clean look that keeps all that filler in place.

Watch the video above to learn how to get the perfect brow, every time!

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