04/05/2017 03:15 EDT

'Drunk Lives Matter' Shirt Worn By Alleged Drunk Driver In Pennsylvania

Elwood Gutshall was charged in March, but apparently police just had to share this case.

A drunk driving charge is not a laughing matter.

But, some would argue, neither is making fun of a very serious protest movement.

A genius in Pennsylvania somehow managed to pull off both on St. Patrick's Day weekend last month when Newville police pulled him over for multiple traffic violations. They said Elwood Gutshall was drunk and have charged him with driving under the influence, traffic violations and driving while his licence was suspended for another DUI.

Police said his blood alcohol level was 0.217 per cent, which is far higher than the legal limit.

But in a move almost too ironic to be real, Gutshall wore a "Drunk Lives Matter" shirt in his mugshot.

Did he intend to ridicule Black Lives Matter? Or was he trying to say that as a drunk person, his life mattered more than other road users?

Whatever the reason for his outfit, the mockery he is already receiving is bound to add to his troubles.

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