Why Scholastic Book Fair Will Always Be The Highlight Of The School Year

Those magical metal shelves!

For kids, there's only one school event that actually matters. It's not the talent show, the science fair or track-and-field day — it's the Scholastic book fair.

The bizarre thing is that no one would have ever guessed an event that promotes reading would be the highlight of every kids' school experience.

On a Reddit thread last year, one user reminisced, saying: "I miss the excitement this used to give me when it'd come around. I could only pick out a few books, at best, but when that time would come around it would be a huge event."

Clearly, Scholastic has had a lasting impact on our childhoods. To prove this, here are nine reasons the book fair was always the best day at school.

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You then proceeded to circle anything that looked vaguely interesting which, let's face it, was practically everything in your age category.

Goosebumps, Magic Tree House and The Guinness Book of Records are just a few series you still hold dear today. Oh, and anything by Robert Munsch, of course.

Thank goodness for our librarians who always knew exactly what new reads to suggest. Into stories about science fantasy? Try Animorphs. Love rebellious heroes? Check out Junie B. Jones. Can't get enough of silly adventures? Captain Underpants is for you!

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What book you were into said a lot about who you were to your classmates. Reading Jeff Smith's comic book series Bone meant you kept to yourself, but loved adventure, while reading anything by Judy Blume meant you liked to keep things real.


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The books were rolled into the library in what looked like large tin cases. When they opened, they revealed shelves upon shelves of glorious books! How did they remain so perfectly displayed during the move? ~Magic~

You would always beg your parents for at least $20 to buy that one book everyone was talking about. When they finally gave in, or just willingly handed it over, it was the first time you actually got to hold cash. With a warning from mom and dad not to spend it all at once, you'd think to yourself, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Being in charge of spending means not having to answer to anyone while shopping. That meant that if you budgeted everything just right, you could afford a book and that kickass bookmark you'd been eyeing.

Our books became our pride and joy. After all, we looked them up, picked them out and paid for them ourselves. #grownupgoals

Thanks to all the families who have supported the Book Fair!

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We'll never know how a book fair Jedi-mind tricked us into having a love of reading, but we are definitely glad it did!

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