04/11/2017 03:47 EDT

York Regional Police Enlisted Helicopter To Arrest Candy Thieves At Canada's Wonderland

Park security had spotted three people stealing from a store.

Canada’s Wonderland is big, and police didn’t feel like running through the entire Toronto-area amusement park last weekend to chase three candy thieves.

York Regional Police say they received a call from park security staff on Saturday night, who spotted three people entering a store to steal some sweets.

The thieves then left the store and vanished into the Vaughan, Ont. park, police said in a news release.

Officers with York Regional Police's canine unit zero in on three teenage candy thieves at Canada's Wonderland. (Photo: York Regional Police)

Police used a helicopter and a thermal imaging camera to find the teens, who were hiding underneath a tree. Officers with the canine unit arrested them without incident.

Two of the suspects are 16 years old and one is 15. They're all from Vaughan, police say. They cooperated and expressed remorse for their crime and all three were released to their parents and entered into a community service program.

Police say they released footage of the incident to deter anyone else who might think to trespass onto private property. Watch the clip embedded above.

They also may have done it to deter people from breaking into a big space like Canada’s Wonderland, suggesting the use of a helicopter for a small incident is a big drain on police resources.