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The Internet Has A Lot Of Really Weird And Ridiculous Justin Trudeau Stuff For Sale

The world's obsession with Canada's prime minister continues to grow — to the point that Justin Trudeau now has his own commemorative talking doll.

The Bradford Exhange is offering the "fully poseable" figurine for $130 — or three installments of $43.33 — and it comes with its own custom-fitted wardrobe.

We have to admit that the company did a good job. It really bears quite a resemblance to Trudeau:

trudeau doll

The talking part throws us off a bit, though. Apparently the adults-only doll (the website says it's "not intended for children under 14") utters Trudeau quotes, such as: "A positive, optimistic, hopeful vision of public life isn't a naive dream, it can be a powerful force for change," and "Canada is a country strong not in spite of our differences but because of them."

Does anyone else find this a bit creepy? Is the talking really necessary?

But then you take a step back and consider all the other homages to Trudeau that have made their way online and are available for purchase. And you realize that maybe a talking doll is the least creepy thing people have created when it comes to Trudeau merchandise.

From sleep masks, to one-of-a-kind works of art, here are some of the strange, weird and downright ridiculous prime minister-inspired items you can find online:

  • Photo courtesy of Vapor Central's Facebook page.

    There was a time in 2014, before his days as prime minister, that a Toronto smoke shop was selling Zig-Zag rolling papers with Trudeau's face on them.

    Vapor Central doesn't appear to be selling them anymore, but never fear....
  • Photo courtesy of gringoheat

    Because you can still buy a T-shirt with the same logo on eBay!
  • Photo courtesy of JDandKateIndustries

    The makers of this JT-scented candle recreate what they think he likely smells like.

    According to them?

    "The Justin Trudeau-Scented Candle blends the rich scent of chai tea (because he drinks tea) with maple (because Canada). The resulting aroma screams 'hot Canadian guy' (or, perhaps, 'hot guy from Vermont')."
  • Photo courtesy of OliveHyssop

    But maybe you're more into DIY-ing your own candles.

    In that case, a New York-based company has a PMJT-scented soy candle kit, that they say is "a great scent for someone who is attracted to men or Canadians, or both."

    They say it gives off a blended scent of "sweet maple, fig, and sexy musk" — whatever "sexy musk" is... Oh, and for the record, they also have a Vladimir Putin DIY candle kit, featuring a blend of sweet pine and mint.
  • Photo courtesy of JUST3Js

    Maybe you're the kind of fan that likes to (creepily) show your affection through your personal style.

    In that case, these leggings could be for you. (There are also workout shorts and robes in the same pattern, if leggings aren't your jam.)
  • Photo courtesy of Villamere

    Hold onto your hoops, because things are about to get very one-of-a-kind.

    For the low (and specific) price of $78.19, you could own this embroidered portrait of the prime minister.
  • Photo courtesy of oneredpaperclip

    Or how about this $1,900 painting of Trudeau doing a tree pose on a Canadian bill with his *ahem* stuff hanging out of his pants?

    (The unedited painting can be viewed here, but just know that you can't unsee it once you click over.)
  • Photo courtesy of TrueDoughPuppet

    Maybe you, or a child you know, enjoys the art of puppetry and could appreciate the endless hours of fun that are possible with this "True Dough" puppet?
  • Photo courtesy of AniaOnionCreations

    Or maybe you like to mix your politics and Roman mythology, and would splurge on this $234.59 painting of Trudeau as a faun.

  • Photo courtesy of YourAuntiesPantiesHM

    For those opting for a classic, everyday way to show your love for our nation's leader, look no further than this "hey girl" lapel pin.
  • Photo courtesy of li

    Or if you're the kind of person who likes to keep your political preferences under wraps, consider this sleep mask that allows you to put Trudeau's eyes on your eyes from the privacy of your bedroom.
  • Photo courtesy of li

    This Ebay seller wants you to purchase this PMJT-autographed piece of paper, but buyer beware: he's not going to tell you when and where it was signed until AFTER you buy it.

    Some other fun facts the seller lists about this mystery autograph:
    -It was signed on the back of an advertisement notepad piece of paper. (Probably like those ones that always appear in your mailbox from your local realtor.)
    -The seller asked him to make it out "To Tom," but Trudeau didn't listen
    -Trudeau apparently told the seller "it is not the time for autographs," while scrawling his signature
  • Photo courtesy of JUST3Js

    The icing on the weird-Trudeau-merchandise cake, however, has to be the erotica stories for sale on Amazon that appear to be loosely inspired by the prime minister and Parliament Hill.

    Check out titles such as:
    -"Serving the Prime Minister: A Canadian Romance"
    -"Pleasuring the Prime Minister: Vigorous Canadian Campaign Action"
    -"Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers Book 1)".

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