04/13/2017 13:08 EDT | Updated 04/14/2017 20:22 EDT

Ontario elevator reliability and repair bill gets all-party support

TORONTO — A bill aimed at making Ontario's elevators more reliable has passed second reading in the legislature with the support of all three parties.

The bill from Liberal MPP Han Dong requires most elevators be repaired within 14 days — seven days for those in long-term-care and retirement homes.

It also requires elevator traffic studies for new high-rise buildings to ensure they have adequate capacity.

PC MPP Lorne Coe spoke about the challenges broken elevators pose for seniors, particularly those in long-term care homes.

NDP MPP Catherine Fife said broken elevators are of particular concern in rental properties and public housing buildings, when renters have little choice about where to live.

The bill passed second reading unanimously, but both opposition parties said they plan to suggest potential amendments to the bill at the committee stage.