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Jimmy Fallon Hosts 'SNL' With Harry Styles In Coast-To-Coast Episode

Fallon as Kushner. Baldwin as Trump. McCarthy as Spicer. Styles as Jagger.

The talent and the impersonations kept coming as "Saturday Night Live" aired live across four time zones for the first time in its history.

'SNL' alum Jimmy "Can't Hold A Straight Face" Fallon returned to host this week's episode with musical guest Harry Styles from One Direction, making an impressive appearance in his first solo live TV debut.

Since 'SNL' has strict restrictions on where its video clips can replayed, here's the best we can do to recap a pretty epic episode.

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as U.S. President Donald Trump in the cold open (how is he not a cast member already?), setting up advisers Steve Bannon (someone literally dressed up as the Grim Reaper) and Jared Kushner (Fallon in a flak jacket and sunnies) for an "America's Next Top Model"-type elimination.

Everyone's favourite press secretary was back, hot off apologizing for claiming that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during the Holocaust.

“You all got your wish this week. Spicey finally made a mistake," says Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer ... dressed as the Easter bunny ... who then explains Passover ... or as he calls it "Jewish Easter."

In "Family Feud: Time Travel Edition," Fallon portrayed two kinds of John Travolta, but Styles totally stole the show as Mick Jagger.

Styles also won a few more fans on this side of the pond, doing his singing thing.

The show plans on ending its 42nd season with three more episodes in May, which will also be carried live across time zones. The next few hosts — Chris Pine, followed by McCarthy and The Rock — have their work cut out for them.

Too bad we have to wait until May 6 for more Trump and Spicey.

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