04/17/2017 12:04 EDT

Earthy Baby Names For Your Flower Child

These monikers capture the essence of spring.

There are so many great things to love about spring. Not only does the season of rebirth conjure images of birds chirping and flowers blooming, but it means basking in more glorious sunshine.

So to celebrate the season and pay tribute to Earth Day on April 22, we've rounded up 11 nature names for your little one. These earthy monikers capture the essence of spring and are perfect for your flower child.


We love that this pretty moniker has some spunk. Petra is the feminine version of Peter and comes from the Greek word “pretos” meaning “rock or stone.”


This sweet and gentle name means “dove.” We love its soft sound and its subtle connection to nature.


Heath is a strong name that was popularized by late Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. While this moniker has a sophisticated sound, it also gives off a carefree vibe thanks to its meaning. Heath refers to “untended land where flowering shrubs grow.”


Laurel is a great alternative to the typical flower names we hear for girls (we’re looking at you, Lilly). The name refers to a laurel tree and can also be associated with laurel wreaths, which were a symbol of success and peace in ancient Rome, according to Nameberry.


This beauty of a name conjures images of paradise as it is the name of the “garden of God” in the Bible. We love Eden’s sweet sound and that it means “place of pleasure and delight.”


Clint is a fashionable name because it follows the nickname as first name trend. Clint is the shortened version of Clinton, which means “hilltop town.” We love this name’s cool and sophisticated vibes.


Althea is a name you don’t hear every day, which is why we love it! The Greek moniker comes from althaia, the name of a marshmallow plant that is believed to have healing powers. That’s why Althea means “to heal.” It can also be spelled Althia.


Wes is short for Wesley, which means “western meadow.” This name is not only short and sweet, but it also gives off a cool vibe. Wes can also be short for Weston, West or Westcott.


Violet is one of the most underappreciated flower names for girls. We love its sophisticated, old school feel and that it’s often used in literature.


This is a trendy moniker because it’s a last name used as a first name. Landon, which means “long hill,” is also a fun twist on the common name Brandon.


If you’re looking for a really earthy name, then Ash is for you! This unisex moniker comes from the ash tree and is short for Asher, Ashley or Ashton.

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