04/17/2017 04:56 EDT

Rapping Weathermen Drop Better Forecasts Than Beats

They might want to stick to their day job.

Here is one way to distract viewers from a lousy forecast.

Two local weathermen in the U.S. engaged in a rap battle of sorts on Sunday, after one anchor's coworker challenged him to match the other station's flow.

"Meteorologist Paul Ossmann from CBS46 in Atlanta decided to add a little hip hop to his weather forecast a few days ago," says CBS Denver anchor Kelly Werthmann, prior to playing a clip.

"OK, you're daring me now," meteorologist Dave Aguilera responds, before asking Werthmann to drop a beat on his behalf.

Let's just say Aguilera's rap skills aren't as cool as that westerly wind blowing through.

North Carolina meteorologist Nick Kosir (a.k.a. The Rapping Weatherman) would likely be happy to show Ossmann and Aguilera how it's done.

Watch Aguilera and Ossman rap above.

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