04/17/2017 03:03 EDT

Tillie Medland's Nephew Grabs Her Boobs, And Every Mom Understands

It is very, very common.

It's an undeniable, if uncomfortable fact: kids love reaching down shirts and grabbing boobs.

For aunt Tillie Medland, a 20-year-old model based in Toronto, this reality was made clear by her nephew Jetson in a video she published on Instagram. As she holds the toddler, he reaches down into her sports bra and grabs her breast, much to her surprise:

@mishazprime @barstoolsports @worldstar Jetty 😂😂

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While this behaviour is quite common, the comments on the video showed an immediate divide: those who found it "disgusting" and those who responded in defense of Medland.

"She is disgusting! She doesn't even try to stop or remove the gets [sic] hand. She probably enjoyed it. She is just encouraging bad habits. Then she lets the kid do it again. She wasn't shocked or even tried to turn away. Kids may be kids, but adults are supposed to set an example," wrote one commenter.

But the majority of people who watched the video recognized it for what it was, and were quick to call out the detractors.

" [sic throughout] It's really not something to be bothered by, that's how toddlers are especially if they had been breastfed; my 3 year old son does the same thing he thinks its the funniest thing in the world and it's just innocence .. you say its disgusting or she belongs in jail how about you ppl who immediately put your minds in the gutter your the ones i wouldnt allow near my child with your filthy minds ... kids dont think like adults they haven't been jaded by adults vulgarity, ppl need to stop projecting."

"It is only natural given the primary purpose of this body part."

The mom of the toddler, Elena, who was taking the video, told Mirror Online, "I think the video is absolutely hilarious and exhibits very natural toddler behaviour at this age, as most parents of toddlers would agree.

"I have many friends whose toddlers, boys and girls, have expressed similar fascination with the boob and it is only natural given the primary purpose of this body part (most men would probably argue with that!)."

As advice columnist Amalah on the Alpha Mom blog put it, it's likely just curiosity in a “toddlers like soft round squishy things” kind of way.

She recommends dealing with this unwanted touching in the same way you might with hair-pulling or pinching — "once she starts manhandling your breasts, calmly take her hand and move it elsewhere. Say no thank you, that hurts. Give her something else to hold that will keep her little hands occupied."

For Medland, who has received more than 200,000 views on her video, all of this attention has been a surprise.

"In my opinion it's nothing short of hilarious," she told the Mirror. "Most people I’ve encountered thus far with toddlers have had a similar story to tell.

"But with some of the negativity also comes a lot of positive feedback too. There are many people who now run to my defence, which I appreciate very much.

"I would absolutely post the video again, it's just innocent fun, and I'm happy we were able to capture such a funny moment."