04/18/2017 08:21 EDT

Shentong Express' Delivery Robots Are Mesmerizingly Efficient

They are self-charging, so they can work continuously.

A mesmerizing video out of a factory in China shows just how fast automation might be coming for labour jobs.

These small, yellow robots work at Shentong Express, a delivery company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

The bots, which are manufactured by Hikvision, are self-charging, can sort 200,000 packages per day and are more accurate than human workers.

Robots sort packages at a factory in Zhejiang. (Screengrab: Ruptly)

“We want to start using these across the country, especially in our bigger centres," a Shentong spokesperson told the South China Morning Post, adding that the robots improved efficiency by 30 per cent.

Humans have one job — handing the robot each parcel, then the robot delivers it to the correct chute in the warehouse floor.

Employees sort packages at Shentong Express in China in 2013. Now, much of the company's sorting is done by robots. (Photo: Darley Shen/Reuters)

"Our working process starts with the scanning of a bar code which matches the geographical information. Then it automatically calculates the path to find the corresponding drop," operational director Gao Peng told Ruptly in a video (you can watch it above).

China has been rushing to increase production automation. In its five-year-plan, the country announced it would triple its annual production of industrial robots to 100,000 each year by 2020.

On Tuesday, a senior Bank of Canada official warned Canadians should brace for potential side effects of automation like job loss and income inequality.

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