04/19/2017 13:00 EDT | Updated 04/19/2017 13:01 EDT

Launch of new Canadian immigration stream could be answer to Trump

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals began work on a new immigration program to bring in highly skilled labour long before U.S. President Donald Trump took office.

But what they'll be watching for now is whether their Global Talent Stream program launching in June could be a way to benefit from what Trump has done in his short tenure.

The president added more uncertainty to the future of U.S. immigration policy this week, ordering a careful review of America's H-1B visa program, which he says lets tech companies avoid hiring Americans in favour of cheaper foreign workers.

It's his latest tweak to the program, which many tech giants say they depend on for highly skilled foreign labour to fill crucial positions that Americans can't.

The uncertainty around what Trump's review will yield could get companies thinking more seriously about sending business to Canada, and some say Canada is well-positioned to take advantage.

The roll-out of the Global Talent Stream program will mandate that work applications be processed within two weeks, a move that companies say is sorely needed.