04/20/2017 19:00 EDT | Updated 04/20/2017 19:20 EDT

Girls hide in closet while burglars ransack house north of Calgary

AIRDRIE, Alta. — Two young girls are being praised for doing the right thing by hiding in a closet while burglars ransacked their house.

Police are now looking for three men who broke into the home in Airdrie, Alta.

The children’s parents received a call from their 14-year-old daughter, who told them that a strange man knocked on the door and that she didn’t answer.

The teen says she took her four-year-old sister upstairs and that they hid in a closet when they heard glass breaking.

She covered her sister with clothes in a laundry basket but the men never came upstairs.

Police say a rock was tossed through a basement window of the home.

The parents called 911 but when RCMP arrived, the men were gone.

A neighbour captured video of three men on a dash cam as he was coming home and says they were carrying clipboards and going door-to-door as if they were working.

The family says they're missing computers, instruments and sports equipment from the basement but are glad the girls are safe.

"For the time I was on the phone with 911 and knowing that our girls were hiding in the closet, that’s 17 minutes," says the children's step-mother.

"For me, felt like a lifetime. I can't even imagine how terrified they felt in that closet, they have no idea who was in the house, they don't know why those people are there, they don’t know if they're going to come up and hurt them."

The girls’ parents say they are proud of their children for taking the right steps in a frightening circumstance.

(CTV Calgary)