04/21/2017 12:50 EDT

The Illustrator Of Curves' Instagrams Prove Bigger Women Have Always Been Sexy

She wants people to understand curvy women are REAL women.

There’s an anonymous U.K.-based artist making noise – and it’s not Bansky.

The Illustrator of Curves”’ Instagram handle sounds self-explanatory but her art isn’t as sexual as one might expect.

Instead, she says they’re a reflection of the curvy mother who raised her and the same person she sees staring back in the mirror.

“I’ve always had hips and a bum, smaller waist and boobs and that’s what I drew. As I got older [I] realized the ‘heroin chic’ women of the ‘90s were not for me,” she told the Huffington Post Canada by email.

Despite the deeply personal influences on her work, the self-taught artist prefers to stay anonymous to keep the attention on her illustrations.

“It's not about me. I don't want fame and notoriety, I want my art out there in the world.”

So far the response from her thousands of followers has been positive, though she does acknowledge no one is free from the “odd troll comments [like], ‘You’re promoting obesity’ lol. Please.”

While she didn’t set out to be a body-positive illustrator, she drew inspiration from other illustrators “who draw bigger women in all their glory."

For more on the women and their pictures, check out the video above.