04/25/2017 01:19 EDT | Updated 04/25/2017 01:24 EDT

Alberta Dirt Bikers Narrowly Avoid Injury After Barbed Wire Strung Between Trees

"(The wire) could have...taken their head clean off."

CLARESHOLM, Alta. — Some all-terrain vehicle riders in southern Alberta say they narrowly avoided getting seriously injured last weekend when they encountered barbed wire stretched across a trail.

The riders were in the Porcupine Hills near Claresholm on Sunday afternoon when they noticed the wire blocking the path just before they came upon it.

Todd Campbell, who was in the group, says everyone managed to stop in time.

He says they were left unnerved by the encounter.

Other riders in the area say racing flags have been removed from trails in the past and they've also seen barbed wire on paths.

The RCMP is investigating.

"If somebody hadn't of seen it, they would have gone right into it." said Campbell. "It (the wire) could have gone right into their neck, broken their neck, taken their head clean off, you never know."

(CTV Calgary)