04/26/2017 02:25 EDT | Updated 04/26/2017 02:41 EDT

Rescue underway to rescue woman stuck on crane in downtown Toronto

TORONTO — Some streets in Toronto's downtown core were closed early Wednesday as police and firefighters attempted to mount a rescue operation to recover a woman who got stuck atop a tall construction crane.

Toronto Fire Services say it appears the woman was trespassing and climbed up the piece of machinery at a construction site on Wellesley St. near Yonge St. during the overnight hours.

The woman is approximately 12 storeys up and television video had showed her standing atop a gently swaying large pulley device from which a hook dangles and clinging to a steel cable.

The woman was last seen sitting atop the device, which Toronto police Insp. Colin Greenaway said measures only about six inches by two feet.

There was no immediate word on why the woman climbed atop the large crane.

Residents had alerted police at about 3:30 a.m.

"We're in communication with her," Greenaway told television station CP24.

"We're very close to having set up a proper plan to have either ourselves or Toronto Fire rappel down with a harness to attach to her and hopefully bring her down in a safe manner."