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Ferryland Iceberg Is Even More Stunning In This Aerial Footage

This video is mind-blowing.

Remember the spectacular iceberg that parked itself off the coast of Ferryland, N.L. earlier this month, attracting worldwide attention?

Well, it turns out that all those beautiful photographs only paint a small picture of how amazing it really was.

ferryland iceberg

Residents of Ferryland, N.L., view the first big iceberg of the season in "Iceberg Alley." (Photo: Greg Locke/Reuters)

A new video of the Newfoundland ice mass, taken from the air earlier this month, shows off even more stunning views of the 'berg.

In the video above, water can be seen swirling and churning around the ice mammoth.

The Ferryland iceberg has since begun to drift away from its scenic resting spot, but over the Easter weekend it caused bumper-to-bumper traffic jams in the small town of 500 people.

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Diane Davis, who runs the Newfoundland Iceberg Reports Facebook group, says she has seen hundreds of frozen slabs in her years as an amateur berg-hunter, but the Ferryland gem appeared to be a special find.

"Every one (iceberg) has a got a shape and personality to it," Davis said. "It's so big and sexy, and against the ocean, it's so photogenic, and that's why it's getting so much attention."

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