04/27/2017 12:49 EDT | Updated 04/28/2017 04:51 EDT

New Video Hopes To Help More People Better Understand Autism

They have a unique view of the world.

Autism has been increasingly diagnosed over the past few decades, but sometimes it’s easy for people to neglect the disorder because they don’t necessarily understand it. Thankfully, has created an explanatory video specifically for people who don't have autism.

To convey the challenges posed by the disorder, the video begins by illustrating the idea that everyone’s brain works differently. All of our brains process information at different speeds and for someone who is diagnosed with autism, too much information can sometimes be overwhelming.

In response, to cope with difficult situations, people with autism may develop behaviours that others might see as being strange or different. Instead of mocking them or ignoring them, the video explains that the best thing someone can do is be a friend willing to take the time to know them. It’s as simple as that.

"People with autism are not ill or broken, they simply have a unique view of the world."

"People with autism are not ill or broken, they simply have a unique view of the world," the narrator of the video tells us. "And with a little support from their friends, they might be able to share their view of the world with us." know that understanding autism is not a simple task, but with this videos that can put people who aren't on the autism spectrum in the shoes of those who are, hopefully audiences will be able to recognize and be more accepting towards a friend or a person that they once disregarded.

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