04/28/2017 10:12 EDT

This Is Why Exercise Can Make You Feel Happy For Days

Ever wonder why people who work out a lot look so happy all the time? Well, for starters, Elle Woods was right.


Exercise really does release mood-boosting and pain-fighting endorphins. But it's more than that.

According to a new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, exercise triggers "a cascade of positive events" that flow into the day of and the day after your workout.

smiling exercise

The study looked at online survey results from college students who reported having more positive social interactions on days they exercised.

The results showed that participants who exercised had a higher tendency to complete a task or challenge on days they worked out. Social interactions, however, remained positive on the day following physical activity.

But, as New York magazine points out, it's important to note that the research was based on self-reports, which makes the results a bit questionable as people often don't answer questions about themselves completely accurately.

Still, if feeling happy isn't a reason to hit the gym every other day (other than, you know, all the health benefits), we don't know what is.

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