04/29/2017 09:56 EDT

St. Catharines Police Brilliantly Troll Party-Planning Teens

It's one thing if your parents find out you're planning a rager while they're out of town. It's another if the police force does.

In social media posts Friday night, the Niagara Regional Police Service, which covers the southern Ontario region from West Lincoln to Fort Erie, sent a message to the teenagers of the city of St. Catharines via Facebook and Twitter:

"‪Hey St. Catharines teens and their parents. The bush party being "quietly" planned for a park tonight...#the50know #cancelled #partypoopers‬"

The reaction from commenters was immediate, with many complimenting the force not only on their sense of humour, but their on-point hashtags.

The police's response? "We also considered #thePoPoKnow."

Some citizens didn't take kindly to the post, saying it was a waste of police resources to break up a teen party.

But the majority approved, with one person noting, "You realize this is actually working hard right ... cancelling it before underage drinkers get so sloppy they use ambulances, take up hospital beds, get injured and utilize resources. Good job NRP."

Thanks to social media, police forces have been able to show their sense of humour a little, like this Fort McMurray officer who "ticketed" three-year-old Nathan Snow for going too fast.

nathan ticket

Nathan will serve time helping his mom with laundry duty. (Photo: Heather Snow)

There have, however, been questions about the appropriateness of police being so colloquial in their postings, particularly when their relationship with the public isn't just a matter of being liked.

In this instance, though, it seems that everyone wins. Except, of course, the teenagers.

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