05/01/2017 08:53 EDT

Montreal May Day 2017: 'They Are Rich Because We Are Poor'

Capitalism ruins the environment and causes inequality, organizers said.

MONTREAL — Anti-capitalists marched through downtown Montreal on Monday to disturb what they said were the corporate playgrounds of the scheming rich.

For the 10th consecutive year, a group calling itself the "anticapitalist convergence'' organized a march in the city to celebrate International Workers' Day, also known as May Day.

Similar protests took place around the world.

The slogan of this year's protest was, "They are rich because we are poor and we are right to revolt.''

A smoke bomb is thrown at police during a May Day demonstration Monday in Montreal. (Photo: Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press0

Protesters marched through the city's downtown, where "the rich mingle and scheme,'' according to a news release published Monday by the group.

The neighbourhood's bank offices, luxury hotels, restaurants and private nightclubs are places "where this 'elite' of vultures decide how we should live our lives, while maintaining us in misery and precarity.''

The anti-capitalist group claims the government's steps to balance the budget and to reduce debt "is the same capitalist logic that which gets worse and worse each year.''

Capitalism is the cause of ecosystem destruction around the world, growing wealth inequality as well as "community and ethnic marginalization,'' the group said.

Last year's protest ended in 10 arrests and one minor injury after protesters — many of whom were wearing ski masks and other face-covering gear — allegedly threw projectiles at police.

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