05/02/2017 03:04 EDT | Updated 05/10/2017 09:30 EDT

How To Build Confidence At Work By Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

"Confident people achieve more."

For some, building self-confidence can be tough. And it's even tougher to do when at work.

The hustle and bustle of workplace environments can be fearful and stressful for many individuals. Deadlines, hard-to-deal-with co-workers and overwhelming projects can easily knock down someone's confidence and self-assurance. But with the help of a few skills and self-belief, the path to gaining assertiveness at work can be a manageable one.

In the video above, relationship coach and psychologist Sam Owen shares her top tips to building confidence at work. This includes stepping outside of your comfort zone and making a habit of saying "yes," even if that means increasing your work load. Because hey! How else are you supposed to develop new skills and become a more productive, poised and confident you?

So eliminate your self-doubt, write down your goals and check out the video above for more tips on how to achieve confidence at work.

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