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Talli Osborne Gives Us The Ultimate Lesson In Embracing Inner And Outer Beauty

“I want to shine!”

For Talli Osborne, the days of fitting in are far behind her.

Born without arms and with shortened legs, the punk rock inspirational speaker based in Hamilton, Ont. was raised with the belief that she could do anything. Being different was never an issue, it was just a part of who she was.

When she entered school, however, she felt a pressure to fit in and be like everyone else, so she began to wear prosthetics. That was, until a university friend said six words to her that changed it all.

"What are you doing wearing those?" he said, looking at her prosthetics. "You don’t need those."

That day, Osborne took off her prosthetic legs and she never put them on again.

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In the video above, HuffPost Canada sat down with Talli to talk about her unique perspective on everyday confidence.

"I've been told my entire life its what's inside that counts. 'You're a good person,' did not make me feel good," she reveals. "It made me feel ugly, not attractive. I think we all need to embrace our inner and outer beauty."

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"The way that I look, I want to shine! I want to stand out in a crowd instead of fitting in."

To hear more of Talli Osborne's story, check out the video above!

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