05/04/2017 05:24 EDT | Updated 05/04/2017 05:26 EDT

Sheep Stuck In Crevice Rescued By Firefighters In England

Her rescuers attached straps to her and winched her up.

If sheep could be grateful to their rescuers, we imagine that this one would be — she was basically doomed.

A group of firefighters in England came to the aid of the ewe Tuesday evening after climbers spotted her wedged in a five-metre-deep crevice near the town of Todmorden.

A crew from Cleckheaton Fire Station, including a team that specialized in rope rescues, arrived on scene, according to the West Yorkshire Fire And Rescue Service.

Firefighters lowered themselves into the crevice to rescue the 50-kilogram animal.

The gap was small — about 40 centimetres wide — but they managed to attach straps to the sheep, who they nicknamed Dolly, and winched her up.

“Fortunately she was rescued uninjured at around 9 p.m. just as the light was fading, and she ran off happily to join her flock,” wrote Cleckheaton Station Commander Chris Lawton.

The 50-kilogram sheep, nicknamed Dolly, is safe.

He said he thinks her coat softened her fall.

The force should be proud of their efforts, but they might be sheepish about the sheer number of puns they used to laud the rescue.

"Barrilliant' rescue by f-fighters @ #Cleckheaton Stn - Dolly is 'alive & wool' after getting stuck between rocks," read a tweet.

You can watch the whole darned thing in the video above.

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