05/09/2017 14:42 EDT | Updated 05/09/2017 15:21 EDT

La Loche school shooting victim says she's discouraged by lack of help

REGINA — Victims of a deadly school shooting in northern Saskatchewan say they're still not getting the help they need to heal more than 15 months after the tragedy.

Charlene Klyne, a substitute teacher who was one of seven people wounded in the January 2016 shooting, says she and the others are worried how they'll pay bills or what their future will be.

Klyne lost all vision in her left eye, can only see dark shadows in her right eye, and has pellets lodged in 13 different spots from her jaw to her chest.

She received a $50,000 insurance payment and some benefits for massage therapy, but says it's not enough to cover the treatment her doctor has ordered.

Deputy premier Don Morgan says Klyne should receive the same benefit as any other injured worker and says she's also getting help through victims' services.

A gunman opened fire at the La Loche high school in January 2016, killing a teacher and teacher's aide, and he killed two brothers at a nearby home.