05/09/2017 04:46 EDT | Updated 05/10/2017 09:29 EDT

How New Mothers Can Gain Their Confidence Back After They Have Kids

It's all about self-love.

Giving birth to a baby is the experience of a lifetime for moms.

But along with the coos, the dirty diapers and the never-ending laundry can come a real insecurity about your body. Struggling to find confidence and having a hard time accepting the major transformation your body just went through is as much a part of becoming a mom as any of the above.

So for that, in the video above, Jill Simonian of The Fab Mom discusses that self-conscious bump many women face after childbirth and shares tips to help you get back to you, and boost your own ego.

The one thing she recommends all new moms should be doing each day? Practice positive affirmations.

"New moms, look in the mirror three times a day. Make a commitment — say three nice things to yourself about yourself every single day."

Simonian notes that it takes two weeks to make or break a habit. So showering yourself with self-love for 14 days will having you feeling more confident in not only yourself, but your parenting too.

For more of Jill's tips on gaining your confidence back after birth, check out the video above!

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