05/10/2017 10:10 EDT

Beautiful Photos Reveal Unique Bond Between Adoptive Moms And Their Kids

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A mother is so much more than just a caretaker. She is a teacher, a chef, a doctor and a coach. She not only provides for her children, but loves them unconditionally.

Adoptive mothers, in particular, are truly something special because they open their hearts to a child who isn’t biologically theirs.

Kristen Howerton, a writer based in Orange County, California, who has two biological and two adopted children, wrote about her experience as an adoptive mother in a blog for HuffPost in 2012.

“Blood does not determine a family,” she wrote. “Probably the most common concern I hear from people who are considering adoption is whether or not they will be able to love a child that isn’t ‘their own.’ I can tell you, though, that the moment my first son was placed in my arms, he was very much my own. My love for my children is not dependent on our biological connection. Family bonds transcend biology.”

While every mother deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, we're calling special attention to adoptive mothers who opened their hearts to kids in need of loving homes.

To highlight the special bond between these moms and their kids, we've rounded up 17 beautiful Instagram photos that use the hashtag #AdoptionRocks. These sweet images will surely warm your heart and remind you that there is no stronger bond than the one shared between a mother and child.

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