05/11/2017 03:50 EDT

Watch These Influencers Get Real About Beauty Ideals And Breaking The Mold

And we couldn't agree more.

The next time you find yourself down a double-tapping hole on Instagram, think about where these influencers started.

They embrace who they are — their body, their look, their quirks. There is a beauty in their self-acceptance that we admire and can all learn from.

But their journey to loving every aspect of their being wasn't easy. In the video above, some of our favourite beauty stars, from Awkwafina to Khoudia Diop, talk about learning to break the mold when it comes to acceptance and why beauty ideals are total B.S.

"I spent all my time being like, 'I don't want to go there because people are going to look at me and I don't like that,'" Diop, the Melaniin Goddess told Glamour. "But you have to love yourself, however you are. You're beautiful."

For more, check out the video above!

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