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Models Georgia Gibbs And Kate Wasley Prove Beauty Comes In All Sizes

All bodies are beautiful!

When model Georgia Gibbs shared a photo of herself on Instagram with curvy bestie Kate Wasley in late January, she had no idea what kind of effect it would have.

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But the comments were immediate.

"I'm not trying to hate at all, it's obvious you and your friend are completely different sizes and there's nothing wrong with that, there's also nothing wrong with being next to each other in a photo," one person wrote. "I don't think that's what people's issue is at all; this photo in particular DOES look photoshopped."

"It looks like you've dragged your stomach inwards slightly pulling your friend's stomach outwards. It could just be the angle you're at, but I can see why people think it's photoshopped 100%. Sorry but I'm not sorry."

After seeing the note, Gibbs told Perth Now that the pair was "shocked."

"People calling Kate overweight, and me too skinny," the former Australia's Next Top Model contestant said. "We realized people aren’t used to seeing two different sized women standing next to each other."

"We realized people aren’t used to seeing two different sized women standing next to each other."

Wasley also chimed in, opening up to People on the ordeal.

"After reading comments and questions from people I know, one of the most common was 'Don’t you ever feel self-conscious being the bigger one?'" she explained. "We want to change society’s beauty standards that smaller is better, when in reality neither is better than the other. We think your health and well-being should be the priority."

So in an effort to change these ideals, the duo created @any.body_co, a body positive Instagram account to promote the notion that "there's no size standard for today's woman," according the page's bio.

And it seems as though it's a hit.

Since starting the initiative in early March, the page has gained over 160K followers.

Similarly, Instagrammer Megan Jayne Crabbe, otherwise known by her username bodyposipanda, posted a photo of herself in a bikini in early May to celebrate her stomach rolls.

"Just a little reminder with summer around the corner: people of all shapes and sizes belong on the beach," Crabbe wrote on Instagram, quoting Tumblr account Just-A-Little-Bit-Of-Meghan. "They all belong there enjoying the sun and playing in the waves and they all deserve to feel comfortable and safe. So please, don’t stare at or make comments about those who’s appearance is a bit different than what you’re used to."

As for the Wasley and Gibbs, they too just want women of all sizes to feel comfortable in their skin.

"Our whole thing now is to be who you are," Wasley told the Daily Mail back in April. "Our intention is to encourage all women to quit the comparison. Individuality is something that should be celebrated, healthy bodies come in different shapes and sizes."

We couldn't agree more!

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