05/16/2017 04:16 EDT

Luxury Car Vending Machine Opens In Singapore

The newest way to buy that Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Vending machines typically bring to mind a place to get your afternoon pop and chip fix — but a new type of dispenser in Singapore is offering up Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Used car seller Autobahn Motors is now selling high-end vehicles from a 15-storey showroom that houses 60 cars.

It's being called the "world's largest luxury car vending machine," according to a video on the company's website. (Watch above.)

Gary Hong, general manager at Autobahn Motors, told Reuters the innovative selling space was built out of necessity in land-scare Singapore.

The future is here and it's a vending machine full of cars. (Photo: Reuters/Thomas White)

"We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative."

With the touch of a button, customers can select a vehicle, and automated technology will retrieve the car and bring it down to ground level within a matter of minutes.

Around the world, cities and companies have been toying with automated, multi-level parking systems to cut down on space and the need for parking attendants.

"We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars."

Last November, U.S. company Carvana opened a car vending machine in Nashville, Tenn. The five-storey tower holds up to 20 cars, and customers have to insert a special coin in order to begin the dispensing process.

The future: where buying a car is like buying a chocolate bar. Crazy.

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