05/16/2017 15:47 EDT | Updated 05/19/2017 14:44 EDT

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem adored, reviled in divided Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gloria Steinem says her work advocating for reproductive freedom and women's rights doesn't make her "pro-abortion."

The feminist icon spoke to The Associated Press Tuesday ahead of her appearance at a centennial gala fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, the abortion and women's health care provider whose government grants have been targeted by some Republicans.

While sponsors of the gala shelled out up to $50,000 to attend the event where Steinem was featured, Ohio Right to Life labeled her a "radical pro-abortion icon" and called Planned Parenthood a de-humanizing organization.

Steinem says she's accustomed to being both admired and reviled — including in Ohio, her politically divided home state — but that "no one is pro-abortion." She says it's about whether a woman and her physician, or the government, makes the decision.