05/16/2017 05:05 EDT

Make Sure You're Avoiding These 8 Common Showering Myths

They said morning showers are the best.

And they said you should shower daily.

But they lied.

In the video above, Allure gives it to you straight: you're probably showering wrong. They lay out eight common shower myths that you need to start ignoring, and give you the solutions to fix them.

woman showering

If you crave a hot shower every night, let's just stop you there: steaming hot water removes your skin's natural oils. So do away with those long, 45-minute showers (where you just sit on the floor thinking about life). They drain the moisture from your skin, which is a big no-no.

You thought showering was easy? Well, there are definitely ways you can improve both your rinse-offs and your skin with just a few simple tricks. Check them out in the video above!

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