05/19/2017 03:45 EDT

Grey Wolf Topples Beaver As Canada's Greatest Animal


Dam, Canada.

We weren't expecting this.

Turns out some of you don't hold the industrious, noble beaver in such high regard anymore.

Nevermind that the beaver is an official national symbol. Or on our currency. Or, you know, one of the hardest working animals out there, just trying to do right by its family and ecosystem.

Look into this stuffed beaver's face and say you don't have regrets. (Getty Images)

No. None of that matters anymore, apparently.

More than 11,000 of you voted in an online contest held by the Calgary Zoo, and it's official — the tireless beaver no longer stands as Canada's Greatest Animal.

So which animal did you deem worthy to take its place?

The (big, bad) grey wolf.

Which is an OK choice. Maybe. *breaks down weeping*

The grey wolf is Canada's Greatest Animal! from Calgary Zoo on Vimeo.

The zoo hosted the seven-week competition as a fun way to celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary, as well as to call to attention important conservation efforts for Canada's endangered species.

"Since we launched this campaign on March 23, another 11 species have been added to Canada’s list of endangered species," said Lindsey Galloway, senior director of the zoo, in a press release.

"What this says to us, is that even though the fun campaign is over, our important conservation work is more crucial than ever."

The buck-toothed Castor canadensis faced some tough competition from six other nominees — the grizzly bear, bison, grey wolf, whooping crane, Rocky Mountain goat, and great grey owl.

(Photo: CP/Getty Images/Calgary Zoo)

But, ultimately, the wolf managed to capture 26 per cent of the total vote.

We hope you can live with yourselves, Canada.

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