Mrs. Doubtfire-Themed Birthday Party Is What ‘90s Dreams Are Made Of

This is epic.

Alright ‘90s kids, prepare to get super jealous.

A Michigan mom just threw her four-year-old son the most epic birthday party based on Robin Williams’ 1993 comedy classic “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Why? Because her son asked her to.

Mom Laura Kowalski told Entertainment Weekly that her movie buff son, Evan, could not be persuaded to have a themed party based on his hobbies, such as soccer or insects. Instead, he insisted he have a celebration revolved around his favourite film about a man who disguises himself as a Scottish nanny to be close to his kids.

I tried to talk him into doing just a soccer cake, like [Matthew Lawrence’s character has] in the beginning of [“Mrs. Doubtfire”], but that wasn’t good enough,” Kowalski told EW. “So I had to figure out how to make it possible.”

Luckily for Evan, he has one creative mom! The birthday party consisted of goodie bags featuring Mrs. Doubtfire thanking her “dears” for coming and fruit kabobs inspired by the “It was a run-by fruiting” scene.

Kowalski even got her cousin to draw a personalized image of Williams’ iconic character for her son. The image read, “Happy Birthday Evan Dear!

But the best part of the party, by far, was the cake. Behold!

To get the perfect “Mrs. Doubtfire”-themed cake for her son, Kowalski made a callout on Facebook and found Angie Claxon of Cakes By Sweetypants.

“I was actually kind of busy, but I thought, I have to make a 'Mrs. Doubtfire' cake. I mean, how could you not?” Claxon admitted to WLWT5. “I just wanted it to be fun for a little boy, so I wanted it to be colourful, that's why I chose the pie-in-the-face scene.”

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire in the pie-in-the-face scene.

Claxon did a brilliant job of incorporating a number of “Mrs. Doubtfire” elements into the cake. Not only did it feature the Scottish nanny in her pie face mask, but it featured her with her breasts aflame and the two garbage can covers she used to put herself out.

The cake also incorporated Chris’ soccer ball, Mrs. Doubtfire’s broom and dentures, as well as a photo of the infamous nanny herself, saying, “I can hip-hop, be-bop, dance til ya drop & yo yo yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa.”

On the Today Show’s Facebook page, parents and fans of the film wrote how envious they were of Evan’s brilliant birthday party. “This is amazing,” one parent wrote. “I can only hope the twins enjoy this movie as half as this kid.”

“What a cute idea! That was one of my favourite movies growing up,” another said.

“I want this when I turn 30,” another added. “You can't tell me no.”

Explaining Evan’s obsession with “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Kowalski explained to, “One of Evan's favourite things to do is watch movies, so we watch a lot of movies in the evening to wind down. He likes classics, like ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Matilda,’ so about six months ago, I showed him ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’ He loved it. Just loved it.”

We can’t blame him! “Mrs. Doubtfire” stole our hearts nearly 25 years ago and it still remains one of the most beloved films starring the late Robin Williams. Clearly Evan has good taste.

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