05/25/2017 11:06 EDT

Jinder Mahal's WWE Win Officially Recognized In The Alberta Legislature

He's the first champ from Calgary since Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Alberta's legislature took a moment away from boring old politics on Tuesday to recognize something truly important — professional wrestling.

On Sunday, Alberta-born Jinder Mahal won Backlash in a match against Randy Orton in Chicago to become the 50th recognized WWE Champion and the first winner of Indian descent.

Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, who goes by the stage name Jinder Mahal, was born in Calgary and holds a degree from the University of Calgary, so Alberta wasn't going to let his monumental win go un-celebrated.

Calgary-Shaw MLA Graham Sucha tabled three documents chronicling Mahal's win:

  • the official WWE announcement
  • a news story from The Times of India
  • a story from The Calgary Herald, that noted Mahal is the first professional wrestler who's won the championship from Calgary since Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

"I think I speak for all Albertans when I'd like to congratulate this talented wrestler from Calgary on his championship win," Sucha said.

Watch the legislative acknowledgement above.

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