05/26/2017 16:24 EDT | Updated 05/26/2017 16:40 EDT

B.C. political parties very close to reaching deal, Green leader says

VICTORIA — Green Leader Andrew Weaver says he's very close to making a deal with either the Liberals and the New Democrats on forming a new minority government in British Columbia.

He says negotiations between the parties have intensified since Elections BC confirmed the province's election results earlier this week with the Liberals holding 43 seats in the legislature to the NDP's 41 and the Greens three.

Weaver says the parties have looked at a range of examples of minority governments in Canada and overseas to determine how to proceed.

He says he isn't interested in creating a coalition government because that would undermine the Green's ability to defend their platform.

Although the Green platform has many overlapping points with both parties, compromise is necessary and Weaver says there's no reason why a minority government shouldn't last a full four-year term. 

Negotiating teams from all parties will be drafting proposals this weekend, and Weaver says an agreement will likely be reached before Wednesday, which was his original goal in talks with the other parties.