05/26/2017 11:34 EDT | Updated 05/26/2017 11:35 EDT

Conservative Leadership Convention 2017 Swag And Stuff

Fourteen months of the Conservative leadership campaign are drawing to a close this weekend, as the party chooses a new leader.

Party faithful converged on the Toronto Congress Centre on Friday (which is also coincidentally hosting an Anime North convention in an adjacent building).

Among the moderately fun atmosphere, we came across some moderately amusing stuff:

  • Erin O'Toole T-Shirts
    HuffPost Canada
    Erin O’Toole went all-in with the "Top Gun" theme for his campaign. The former veterans affairs minister served in the military for 12 years and reached the rank of captain in the RCAF.
  • Andrew Saxton Badges
    HuffPost Canada
    Points for style.
  • Grab Bag Of Liberal Attacks
    HuffPost Canada
    In a foreshadowing of what's to come if Maxime Bernier wins the Conservative leadership, the Liberals handed out bags of cheeky items to media. A triangle of Oka cheese announced the Conservative policy wedge of supply management (Get it? Wedge?), while a badge with the picture of a top-secret file folder wished Bernier a "Happy 9th anniversary," referring to his documents scandal. Oh, and they also threw in a Jos Louis cake, still teasing Bernier for handing out the treats to soldiers in Afghanistan.
  • Candy
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    Andrew Scheer's table was handing out toffee. TOFFEEEEEEEE.
  • Lisa Raitt Signs
    HuffPost Canada
    Simple, lightweight and easy to chant with.
  • Deepak Obhrai Scarves
    HuffPost Canada
    Dee-pak-age. Gold star on puns, Mr. Obhrai.
  • Random Signs
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    Not technically swag, as these signs were selling in the lobby for $20, but they were too topical to the U.S. news cycle to exclude.

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