05/26/2017 12:12 EDT

Croissant Corsages Are Now A Thing Because Spelling Is Hard

You can't blame autocorrect for this one. Kids these days are going to prom with croissants because they can't spell corsage.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, a Texas-based teen shared a text conversation she had with her date leading up to prom.

The silly error of calling a corsage a croissant was favourited 46,000 times since it was posted in April.

But it turned out, Sophie's date isn't the first to make that mistake. In 2016, Julia Gorman shared this photo posing with her date while rocking a croissant corsage.

Every prince needs a jester 🃏❣#croissantcorsage #croissantlife

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And even before that, KFC debuted an edible corsage in 2014, but that one didn't seem to stick.

chicken corsage

These days, Twitter is filled with dozens of couples proudly putting croissants on each other's wrists and lapels.

But it's not all because of typos. Some girls just know what they want.

Yup, we'd take flaky pastry (or crispy chicken) over over-priced flowers any day of the week.

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