06/01/2017 04:20 EDT

These Gross Kid Photos Makes You Wonder Why Anyone Becomes A Parent

Any parent knows that having a kid is gross. Like, really gross.

It starts with dirty diapers and spit-up. It turns into muddy boots and boogers. And then come the tween years, with the accompanying smells, dirty laundry and rotting food found in their rooms.

And one mom has unleashed the full spectrum with a tweet of her kid's puke on her face. Which any parent knows is completely par for the course.

"Have a baby they said, it'll be fun they said," tweeted Desirae Robles earlier this week.

The parenting community was quick to have her back, sending their own shots of their kids being disgusting. Warning: many images of poop follow.

Parents sharing embarrassing shots of their little ones isn't anything new, of course.

In 2015, Pampers asked moms and dads to post their kids' "poo face" and the results were predictably hilarious.

Parents have kept the hashtag going, too.

Robles, for her part, is keeping her perspective beautifully.

"It didn’t bother me," she told Buzzfeed. "She’s my daughter."