06/01/2017 04:28 EDT

Healthy Snacks For Teens: 20 Recipes That Will Get Them Exam Ready

June is here and the kids are probably already dreaming about how they plan to spend their summer days. But if you've got a kid in high school, you might want to remind them they still have to pass those final exams before they hit the beach.

To get your teens snacking smarter, we've rounded up 20 healthy recipes that make great study snacks.

Snacking while you study improves mental focus and can help kids learn, but only if you're eating the right things.

While studying, opt for brain foods like oily fishes which offer a healthy dose of Omega-3s, whole grains which regulate glucose to maintain focus and fresh produce, which is rich in antioxidants — not to mention vitamins!

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Healthy Snacks For Teens