06/01/2017 10:03 EDT | Updated 06/02/2017 11:40 EDT

Elizabeth Wettlaufer Trial: Sask. Woman Says She Dated Accused Serial Killer

She's been trying to pinpoint any clues she may have missed.

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. — A Saskatchewan woman who briefly dated Elizabeth Wettlaufer said she figured the woman was a bit off, but "I didn't know she was that far off."

Sheila Andrews said she met the former Ontario nurse — who pleaded guilty Thursday to killing eight seniors in her care — through an online dating site in 2009.

Andrews, 50, said they quickly found common ground because Wettlaufer, 49, worked closely with seniors and often discussed work, and at the time Andrews was caring for her elderly mother.

"She was an awesome person to talk to online," Andrews said. "She wanted to move forward and start a relationship, so I said, 'Well, let's meet.'"

elizabeth wettlaufer

Elizabeth Wettlaufer is escorted from the Provincial courthouse in Woodstock, Ont. on Thursday. (Photo: Peter Power/CP)

Wettlaufer had already committed at least two murders when she flew to Saskatoon to meet Andrews in June 2009. Her crimes were committed over the course of a decade at four locations.

Andrews said after a night at a motel in Saskatoon, they drove to her home in Prince Albert, Sask.

During the week they went out for meals, toured the city and hung around the house but Wettlaufer was not very social, was concerned about her appearance and didn't meet any of her friends.

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Andrews said Wettlaufer seemed to pout and sulk if she did not get her way, and joked one time about not wanting to grow up.

When they went to visit Andrews' mother in a care facility, Wettlaufer sulked quietly in the corner. After the visit, Wettlaufer told Andrews she would not go back to the hospital again, which Andrews thought was strange behaviour from a registered nurse.

Her trial was told the killings were the result of Wettlaufer's anger with her career and personal life, and her belief she was an instrument of God.

'Very frightening'

Andrews said it was "very frightening" when she saw Wettlaufer's face on the news after she was charged in 2016.

"I actually texted my best friend and I said, 'I think I dated a serial killer!'"

Andrews said she has gone over her short time with Wettlaufer many times trying to pinpoint any hints or clues she may have missed.

"I just thank God that she didn't try to do anything to me in my sleep … I wasn't old enough, I guess."