06/01/2017 05:15 EDT

West Edmonton Mall Daredevil Falls Through Cinnamon Bun Kiosk Roof

The most brutal part of the accident wasn't in the video making the social media rounds.

Edmonton police are investigating a video showing a man falling through the roof of a food kiosk at West Edmonton Mall.

The footage, which went viral on social media this week, shows two men climb over a railing and jump onto the roof of a Cinnzeo shop. The first man lands, but the second misjudges his jump, landing on a transparent part of the roof and crashing through. A security alarm then goes off.

The Cinnzeo location's manager, Henry Gallant, told Global News that a graveyard shift employee alerted him to security footage of the incident, which occurred after hours.

“I see some kid come flying through our roof, he hit our granite countertop, his head bounced off quite badly, his back bent fully backwards and then he bounced forward," he said.

He told CTV Edmonton that the footage also showed the man in pain, apparently collapsing twice before he ran out of the frame.

An anonymous friend of the daredevils, who posted the video to Twitter under the handle SlaveOfMostWise, told 90.3 AMP Radio that his pal told him he was winded after the fall and knocked out for about 20 seconds. The mall's security alarm woke him up, his friend said.

But the extent of his injuries are still unclear.

An Edmonton police spokeswoman told HuffPost Canada that officers have been to the mall to chat with staff.

Gallant, who has worked at WEM for 17 years, told Global people try stunts like this four to six times a year.

You can see the crazy video above.