06/05/2017 12:58 EDT

Odd Connection Between Chewing Gum And Farting Helps C-Section Moms Heal

There’s an interesting connection between chewing gum and farting, and it’s helping women who have had C-sections heal.

According to new analysis published in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, chewing gum for 30 minutes, three times a day can actually help women get their digestive systems back on track following a Caesarean delivery. This is because chewing gum helps women fart. (Yes, you read that right.)

C-section moms know farting for the first time after delivering a baby after the surgery is a call for celebration. This is because passing gas indicates normal bowel movements and that there are no gut blockages.

chewing gum

C-sections and other abdominal surgeries can cause inflammation, which can then lead to a condition called “postoperative ileus,” which is when the intestines either slow down or stop entirely following surgery.

According to new research, one in five women who deliver their babies via C-section develop this condition. While postoperative ileus usually goes away within three to four days after surgery, the symptoms — which include nausea, abdominal pain and bloating — can be extremely uncomfortable.

This is why chewing gum is so important.

So how exactly does chewing gum cause farting?

Study co-author Dr. Vincenzo Berghella, M.D. and OB-GYN at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, says that chewing gum can lead to farting because the act not only “tricks the body into thinking it’s eating,” but triggers saliva and sends signals to the gut to get moving.

Research proves that chewing gum is effective for helping women pass gas. The analysis, which looked at 17 studies that included over 3,000 new moms, found that women who chewed gum farted about 6.5 hours sooner than those who did not.

And to top it all off, women who chewed gum recovered faster. Not only did they experience less nausea after their C-section, but also regained their appetite sooner.

Add chewing gum to that list of things to pack in your hospital bag!

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