06/05/2017 02:24 EDT

Old Friends Breakdance At High School Reunion And Absolutely Kill It

Who knew reunions could be just as wild as high school parties?

Atlanta dad Gregg Kearney was excited to see his old friends at his 30th high school reunion in Baltimore last week. Clearly the party did its job and brought them straight back to their youth, because they felt completely confident hitting the dance floor with their breakdancing moves.

To everyone’s surprise, they absolutely killed it!

Kearney attended his high school reunion with his wife, Lourdes, who said she had a feeling something was going to happen.

“When my husband saw that the dance floor was kind of empty, I was like, ‘Go for it!’ and then I was pulling out my phone,” Lourdes told “I know my husband — when he went out there, I was like, ‘Let me get my phone out because I know something’s about to happen. I don’t know what, but I know something’s going to happen.’”

"I know my husband — when he went out there, I was like, ‘Let me get my phone out because I know something’s about to happen.'"

In a 40-second video, Lourdes captured Kearney and his pals performing classic breakdancing moves, including locking and headstands. She then shared the clip with her stepdaughter Skylar, who posted it to Twitter.

“So my dad goes to his 30th high school reunion and him & his boys decide to relive the good ole days,” she wrote in her caption.

Since the video was posted to Twitter last week, it has garnered tons of attention. In fact, besides receiving over 17,000 likes, it has also been turned into a meme and shared by the one and only Snoop Dogg on his Instagram page.

On Twitter, people could not be more impressed with Kearney and his friends.

Skylar also tweeted another short clip of her dad dancing, proving he’s always been (and always will be) young at heart.

Speaking to the Independent about her dad’s dance moves, Skylar said: “Dad used to tell us a ton of stories about him growing up, playing football, dancing. We grew up watching him jam to all his favourites without a care in the world so this is nothing new.”

“My sister and I have tons of videos of him busting a move to his favorite songs,” she added. “He may be 48 but he’s 20 at heart. Always one of the boys.”

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