06/08/2017 09:38 EDT

10 Bison Calves Born In Banff National Park


The first 10 bison calves born in Banff National Park in more than a century seem to be settling in just fine.

A video released by Parks Canada shows the calves happily jumping around and sniffing the grass.

A bison calf rests while its mother watches in Banff National Park in a recent handout photo from Parks Canada.(Photo: CP/HO-Parks Canada, Karsten Heuer)

The first calf of the herd was born in April. It was the first to be born in the region in 140 years.

"The arrival of these calves will help bond the herd to the landscape, where they belong," Parks Canada wrote in a Facebook post.

In February, 16 bison were moved back into a remote area of the park as part of a project to reintroduce them to their original habitat. These calves will stay in that pasture until Spring 2018, when they'll be released into a larger reintroduction area.

Watch the calves frolic in the video above.

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