06/08/2017 03:02 EDT

Thandie Newton Reveals Filming Nude Scenes Leaves Her Feeling 'In Control'

"It was about having the courage to stand there naked and do this stuff."

For some women, the idea of being nude in front of others is the ultimate form of vulnerability. But for actress Thandie Newton, she says it makes her feel empowered.

Speaking to Oprah during Variety's Actors on Actors series, the "Westworld" star opened up on how filming scenes naked has been an uplifting experience.

"You know what it felt like? It felt like having that fourth baby because it was a moment of such intense self-affirmation, not for me, Thandie, but female power," explains Newton, who had just given birth to her third child when the first season of the show was filmed. "I hadn't felt like that before. And it's ironic that I was standing there stark naked for a lot of it because I felt more in control than I've ever done because I said yes to this."

"I hadn't been to the gym and, for me, it wasn't about looking a certain way," she continues. "It was about having the courage to stand there naked and do this stuff."

Nudity feels so good for the mom, in fact, that she told Entertainment Weekly last year that she actually prefers it to being dressed on set.

"You would assume that being dressed is a relief, but I’ve got this tiny corset with this incredibly short skirt with ruffles that invite you to look up it, fishnet stockings, garters . . . all the typical madam-at-the-saloon prostitute stuff. My boobs were up to here, by the way," she told the publication. "And every day that I had to wear that costume I would be feeling so physically disempowered. When I was naked, I was completely comfortable because I was not objectified as an actual object. Isn’t that fascinating?"

Definitely is, Ms. Newton. Definitely is. And we envy your confidence.

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